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I have to be honest and say that most of my posts recently have been pretty negative about the Isle of Man. Its true to say though that we do get ripped off and we do get crap service as a rule, but there is a but and its a big but!

The Isle of Man really is the gem in the Irish Sea and at the moment its TT and is absolutely buzzing! There are thousands here lapping up the atmosphere. I went to the practices on Tuesday evening and this evening and boy were thay fast! There is no where in the world you can be so close to such high speed racing its just awesome and its great to see all the fans enjoying the beautiful island and great action on the famous TT mountain circuit. I am really looking forward to the week of racing beginning on Saturday – cant wait to get my spot on the hedge, a few beers and the bbq going later with some great manx produce like Loghtan lamb sausages or a nice bit of rump steak!

Not forgetting some amazing high speed action from TT 2007.

If you haven’t witnessed it yet your missing out!

Here’s to a great, safe TT 2007!

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I have to say I am a big fan of the TT races.

This year is the 100th year of the TT and it proves to be a great one! The racing programme is packed full of great riders and their seems to have been an extra effort this year by organisers and locals. All being well, Steampacket included there is an anticipated fifty to sixty thousand people coming over for this years festival. Lets pray for the same weather as last year when the Isle of Man baked in sun for two whole weeks. TT 2007 has all the ingredients to be the busiest and best ever with a packed programme over two full week for fans and locals, ranging from the Peel Bay Festival featuring The Who, Madness, Mcfly, Ronan Keating and The Bootleg Beatles to name but a few as well as action around the island from The Purple Helmets, The Red Arrows not forgetting of course great entertainment at the famous Bushy’s Beer Tent, the centre for all the after racing fun and goings on!

Fingers crossed for a safe, sunny, action packed TT 2007 festival.

TT 2007 its here!

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All I seem to have been doing recently is moan about things happening on the Isle of Man and inparticulary the poor service that we have to put up with on the Isle of Man.

But hey all is not lost!

I recently had a problem with my wireless router security configuration and being a beginner at this sort of thing I tried to solve the problem, but only made it worse! By the end of it all I couldn’t access the web via my wireless router.

By using the network cable I managed to get back on line and at 10.30pm last Wednesday evening out of sheer desperation I sent an email to my internet provider wimanx on the off chance that they might get back to me sometime over the next few days.

And there it was!
Within 30 seconds a reply email pinged back into my inbox from Joe Hughes of wimanx – what great service. After several emails back and forth Joe and his fellow colleague Kristan managed to assist me with the problem and eventually I was back up and running with my wireless router.

Not only did Joe Kristan at wimanx assist me they were incredibly prompt and even suggested ways of improving my security settings for the future!

Look out Manx Telecom! You have had it so easy!

Big up to wimanx – great service, keep up the good work you make such a refreshing change!

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