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Recently flew to Leeds Bradford airport from Ronaldsway in the Isle of Man on what happened to be Britains wettest day in history! I flew with the new manx2.com airline that has recently started up between the Isle of Man and several routes in the UK. The aircraft on first impression looked pretty small and inadequate, but after shuffling to the back of the Metroliner 19 seater plane I was rather taken a back by the comfort and the overall flight which took around 40 minutes. The pilot and the first officer delivered the safety anouncement in a very friendly and chirpy fashion and overall I really enjoyed the flight even when it did get a little bumpy!

Anyone using the Manx2.com service – dont be put off by the small plane its really not as bad as it looks!

Enjoy your flight.


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I went to Tesco this evening to grab a few bits and pieces that I needed. It wasn’t a weekly big shop, just one of those top up shops you need for fresh stuff like milk and vegetables.I don’t like supermarkets at the best of times but hey our choice is limited these days especially on the Isle of Man due to the sheer power and influence they have over farmers and suppliers. I do where possible try and buy from local butchers and suppliers, but without making excuses it isnt always possible!After rushing around the store I filled my trolley (you always do) and headed for the checkout where the very pleasant check out girl asked if I had a club card, scanned my items and totalled up the bill. As this was an uncalled for shop I wasnt organised and so had to use the plastic bags that are always supplied at the end of the checkout.What really wound me up was the fact that when some bananas I purchased (wrapped in plastic I might add) didn’t have a barcode on them, the supervisor headed off to find the price and during this time the checkout girl said, and I quote, ‘ you do realise you can get double your points if you brought in your own plastic bags and didnt use the ones provided.I said, ‘yes I realise that’ fuming inside! Not at the checkout out girl, just at the people who run Tesco!I am sorry Tesco, but do not fuckin patronise me and make out that its me that ruining the planet and not you! Your the twats that wrap everything up in packaging totally unnecessarily and then fly it all over the fucking planet before it lands back in the store two miles from where it originated! How Tesco have the cheek to tell me its double points for recycled plastic bags is beyond words! Dont tell me to try and change my habits when you should be changing yours.So pull your finger out and do something with meaning and not some shitty double points promotion to try and makes us as consumers feel guilty about the environment!And dont give that bullshit about ‘every little helps!’ Do something major!

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Top webmaster resource

A friend of mine found a great website for any webmasters out there webmasterradiofm. It gives really helpful advice, opinions and insights into Search Engines, Marketing and Optimisation. It has top industry gurus on some of the broadcasts like Danny Sullivan (Daggle.com), Greg Boser (WebGuerrilla), Jennifer Slegg (JenSense), Dave Naylor (DaveN), Mikkel deMib Svendsen all of whom are well worth tuning in too.

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Time is everything!

When I first started blogging I thought it would easy, what could be so hard as to post up my ideas, opinions and thoughts of the current moment or previous day or experiences I had recently had? But like everything that you undertake whether it be a sport, a hobby or learning a musical instrument, unless it comes naturally too you, you have to practice, practice, practice in order to become any good.

I feel the same about blogging really, the more I do the easy it is and the more natural it becomes and the easier it gets. Yet with all these technologies that are meant to make our lives easier they just make them more complex. And all these new great wonderful things that are at our finger tips through the world of the wonderful web, they all require time. Too me that is the most precious and important.

When I come home from work its family time, when my daughter goes to bed it mine and my wifes time. When the soaps are on the telly its blog time!

Time is precious – use it wisely!

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