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Just started playing rugby again.. for my sins!

Lost to Vagas 33 – 19 today.. I play for Southern Nomads by the way! Played at number 8 today and really enjoyed it.. said I would play for the seconds when I took it up again! How come I play for the first team!

Any way I got man of the match, really pleased about that, but had to down a gorrilla snot (lime and baileys) followed by a pint of lager with a chillie pickled egg in! Serious! I beat the Vagas man of the match, so at least we won the most important thing!

Really enjoyed today – the team is very young, if we can gel as a team and channel the enthusiasm its going to be a great season!

Well done lads, unlucky today, but keep it up!

That egg is repeating on me!


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I am not one for knocking the Isle of Man, its such a great place to live and incredibly beautiful too. Just lately its really grinding on me the amount of litter that I see on the side of roads and generally blowing around in the wind on pavements in the town.

Come on guys, be greatful of where you live and stop droppping the litter!

The Isle of Man is such a great place lets not spoil it!

Moan over.

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