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Anyone see the Saturday Kitchen recently with the Hairy Bikers as guests of James Martin? Si and Dave (The Hairy Bikers) were an absolute pair of stars. Firstly they didn’t stop plugging the great seafood from Tim and Paddy Croft down at Island Seafare, Port St Mary and secondly they couldn’t stop talking about the fantastic Manx produce that the Isle of Man has to offer including great organic vegatables, local lamb, beef and pork it was great to see the pair of them so enthusiatic about the Isle of Man produce and also the Manx TT.

I think Dave even droppped it in on the show saying ” I hope the Isle of Man Tourist Board are watching?’.

I dont know if watching would be good enough – taking action would be better!

Any way it was just great to see the Hairy Biker lads bigging up the great produce of the Isle of Man and all it has to offer! Well done boys! It was great.

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I dont know what it is, but my house is being infiltrated by spiders at the moment! I am not the biggest spider fan in the world, but I dont go around killing them, just not madly keen on them running around the house. Not sure if its something to do with the summer or lack of summer that we had but I am telling you, these ones are big and they are fast! When I say big I am talking about the legs and the spread of them larger than my fist! Big!

Dont know much about the spiders found in the Isle of Man, but I did find a link to this Isle of Man Natural History site that does give some details of the local Manx spiders.

For now its just a case of chasing after them, covering them with a pint glass and then throwing them back out in the garden. So far I think I have caught eight in the past week, and I have just seen another run under the couch!

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