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I know I have written about this before, but its starting to really piss me off! Everywhere I look along the hedgerows, trees and roadsides there is plastic and rubbish! Does no one give a shit anymore? It really does look scruffy and something needs to be done.

Why don’t we get all the prisoners out in a chain gang instead of them sitting around in their new multi million pound prison with tv’s in the rooms and internet access and get them picking up all the shit if no one cares anymore? Better than a load of school kids or boy scouts doing at the weekend which is normally the case!

There are more and more reports coming our around the world about the problems with plastic waste and some drastic action needs to be taken by governments and industry. Its all to easy to target the consumer and get us to change our ways which I agree we need to do, but it needs big action and big change! Sadly I think greed and laziness will win again!

Shame, the Isle of Man is a beautiful place!


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We are experiencing brown water in Santon at the moment! Tried to contact the Isle of Man Water Authority via their emergency phone number and it just cuts you off! Not very good when you want to bath your four day old son and two year old daugther!

Typical government statutory board with a set up offering totally inadequate service to the public in this day and age!

A brown murky, cloudy puddle for the Isle of Man Water Authority, sorry but your water sucks!

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Internet Cables World Seabed

I Stumbledupon a great picture of the cables that are laid around the planet that connect us all to the world wide web.

What it really highlights is the main hubs, the size of the cable in areas along the seabed and the amount of bandwidth available and the capacity.

It also shows how potentially vulnerable we could be if one of these cables was cut, which did happen to the Alexandria Cable in the Mediterranean near Egypt when a ship severed the cable. The action resulted in reduced internet capacity in Asia by 75%! Pretty bad!

Makes you wonder what kind of damage could be done if the wrong type of people decided to cut or dmage the cables, now that we rely so much on the internet in our daily lives today.

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I joined a new group on Facebook this week for longtaletv.com. After reading a bout the new group I went on to website to see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say I was well impressed with the site, pitching themselves as providing the news that matters from the Isle of Man’s first pirate TV station from the depths of Douglas. The latest roaming news report features and CCTV feature a spoof Killer Whale attack on Douglas beach! Check it out its brilliant – well done guys!

Its about time we had some proper Manx News instead of the drab boring old stuff from the local papers!

A great start for longtaletv.com

Longtaletv.com Isle of Man

I cant wait for the next installment of Isle of Man News!

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I was sad to recently hear that the Manx Electric Railway will be closed between Laxey to Ramsey after a report to the Minister for Tourism and Leisure highlighted some disrepair to the line and the track. To which the minister took the decision to stop the service based on safety grounds. I later read in a local paper a letter from the ex manager of the steam railway who pointed out a number of recommendations that would allow the service to continue such as a reduced speed limit. In his view the condition of the track has never been so good! Why is the decision then taken by the Minister for Tourism and not someone more qualified to make the decision? And why does the minister seem hell bent on closing things down and ruining any form of tourism on the island?

Good website by the way Mr minister! visitisleofman.com. The first impression you get of the Isle of Man is fantastic….not!

All this raises the question as to how qualified an ex banker is to make decisions on the future of our tourism or lack of it for that matter!

But don’t worry everyone because the Radisson his here to bail us all out and as the minister said and I quote ‘ for them to be based in the Isle of Man will be a real feather in our cap and something we can be rightly proud of.’

Don’t get me wrong I am all for developing the quayside of Douglas (they should have gone further and banned the car, but hey that was an earlier post I wrote!). It will be nice to open the curtains and stare across at the building suppliers opposite and the lovely bus station on the other side.

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One thing that I just can’t understand is how a business can set a team of staff a project undertaking several months of work and many many hours of research and analysis. But all along the decision has already been taken on the particular route the business is to take regardless of the detail and recommendations drawn for the project.How inefficient is that?

How can a business operate in this fashion in todays environment?

How must the staff be made to feel who work there?

One wonders…………………. and wonders……. and wonders………

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Mothers Day!

Don’t get me wrong I am all for Mothers day, but today’s commercial emphasis begs belief. We have cards from daughter and son, granchild. To Grandma, Granny and Gran, even ‘to my sister on mothers day, ‘to my wife’, ‘step mum’, ‘cousin’, even cards from the pets on mothers day and I nearly forgot ‘To Mum on Mothers Day.’

You name it there is a choice of card for every possible combination.

I reckon soon there will even be a mothers day card for dads!

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