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Busy Day

Can’t tell you everything I did today! Nothing dodgy, but the great manx grapevine might get wind and then the curtains would come down.

A typical day!

A typical day!

One thing I can say is that I have not stopped today. The reason, not sure, I have several theories:

1. I take on too much work.

2. I am disorganised, but I really don’t think I am!

3. Technology – you feel like your always being pestered and bombarded with information from phone calls, texts, emails and therefore your head just gets full.

4. I have two kids under two and a half.

5. I don’t often say ‘no’.

6. I am not really having a busy day, everyone else is just more laid back than me? mmm good theory but I doubt it.

7. I had a full nights sleep and therefore the space/time continuem was out of sync with my sleep pattern and I just couldn’t function normally!

I just dont know, one thing is for sure, it aint gonna go away!

Well may be a little seen as I am off for TT week. Come on sun you know you want to!


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Bought a barbecue

Just bought a barbecue today, put it together, bought loads of charcoal and now the weathers crap!

Typical british bank holiday!

Lets hope the weather picks up and I can enjoy the sun, TT 2008 and some great manx lamb burgers and seafood kebabs!

Tasty grub!

Tasty grub!

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I have been counting the days down from last years superb centenary event and now its here. I couldn’t make the first practice session on Saturday but I will be heading out this evening to sample a few laps.

You cant’ beat it, the atmosphere, the fans and the best racing in what is one of the greatest challenges to mankind!

Sod the killjoys who want it banned, why not wrap us all up in cotton wool from the day we are born! Don’t even get me started on all the statistics!

Its probably the same loons that want to put Fluoride in our water!

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Meet the meat

Not blogged for ages. To busy to blog! Summer is here, to much meat to eat! I love barbeques! Bring on summer bring on meat!


Wow, looking good!

Wow, looking good!

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