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There is going to be NO Fluoride added to the water in the Isle of Man! Brilliant news.

teeth smile

For once they actually listened to the people and all the facts and made the right decision. In my opinion it wasn’t the answer to poor dental health particulary in the youth on the island, but to me we should be working to educate and change peoples lifetstyles and diets rather than mass medicate.

Very positive news and happy the right decision has been made.

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Getting his knee down at the Creg

Getting his knee down at the Creg

Just got back after watching the Senior TT race from Cronk y Voddy. Such a close race until the last lap when Cameron Donald on the Relentless Suzuki had a problem and it opened the race up for John McGuinness to equal Mike Hailwoods 14 TT wins. Well done John.

Such a fantastic week of high speed racing on the Isle of Man, loved every minute of it and the weather and atmosphere has been fantastic.

Oh well back to work and the quiet life now, bring on May/June 2009! Sad its over for another year!

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I have been watching the TT for over 25 years now and I have covered a good many vantage points around the course. I always had a few favourite spots like bottom of Bray Hill, Sulby Straight and Gorse Lea. This year I have been watching at the jump out of Crosby before the Wagon & Horses and the Highlander which is awesome and also just further down the road pas the Wagon & Horses on the inside left hand sweeping corner down the hill.

Its full on high speed, hairs stand up on the back of your neck stuff and its just what I love about the TT. You can’t beat the crushed grass effect on the hedges and the high speed action and danger that makes the TT such a special event.

Caught a bit on camera and thanks to Steve Plater in the earlier practices there are a few extra skid marks – and not on the road!

Enjoy, long may the TT continue year on year!

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