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I was over in London recently and was lucky enough to get a free complimentary invite from the guys at Projection Advertising.

The venue was packed full of the latest lighting rigs, stage lighting and sound kit some of which was used at the recent Bejing Olympics. What I was really interest in was the projection advertising and loved this as well as the whispering windows. I have to say best of all was the Fog Screen Projection which was very impressive and hadn’t ever seen before.

Check out some of the footage in the video.


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I went along to meet up with all the Third Thursday guys today. I really enjoyed meeting new people and discussing a number of cool topics.

Owen has a fairly good summary of this all and of course the Strive guys (who were on the other side of the table.)

Looking forward to next one.

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Our computers

Image by aranarth via Flickr

Been feeling tired of staring at a computer screen for approx 10 hours a day! Can’t be good for me. Reckon I need a holiday! Might just have to have a few beers over the weekend, just feel completely lacking¬† in motivation and energy.

On the positive side I have joined the gym in an attempt to lose the 2 stone I have put on over the past year and a half! Who ate all the pies! And its been going really well and I am enjoying it.

Also looking forward to going off and meeting up with the Third Thursday guys tomorrow for a glass of wine, bite to eat and a chat about anything cool happening on the web basically!

mmmm a beer, sounds good!


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Had a very strange kinda day today really and it made me think about a few things.

Firstly, maybe I should be a bit more careful about who and what I blog about?? Thing is I find this a little bit of u turn about blogging. I kinda think that my blog is my sounding off area, a place where I can get out all the things that are building up inside, from frustrations and emotions to basically anything. I maybe have to reconsider what my blog is for, is it for me or my visitors mmm not sure, I would guess for me.

What is a blog?

Secondly todays events made me realise how completely clueless sections of the Isle of Man population are as to the conversations, tweets and blog posts that are going on around them. It may help there cause if this section embraced and understood the power and influence of these conversations after all they could just be talking about you!

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