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Merry Christmas!
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In no particular order!

1. Island Seafare – fantastic range of fresh local fish and locally smoked salmon. Must have buys are the hot smoked salmon and Manx Queenies, all fantastic. The staff are really freindly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

2. Farmers Market – every Saturday at the Villa Marina – great local fresh vegetables all without stupid plastic packaging!

3. Deli 35 – if your looking for that something different, Deli 35 has it.

4. Anagh Coar Butchers – all locally sourced products with the exeption of Crocodile, Ostrich and Kangaroo. Oh and not forgetting the Reindeer burgers that I picked up for my bbq on Boxing Day . Must buys are the pork sausages and Manx Mutton, haven’t had a chance to try the homemade pies, but they look great!

5. Davisons chocolate shop on regent street – if you like chocolate you will love this shop. Friendly staff and all great presentation.

And no I didn’t bother with Woolworths!

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A Woolworth store
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I feel really sad today, and not because we will be seeing the end of Woolworth’s on the high street and the local Strand Street of Douglas. To be honest its was on the cards for years.

What really made me sad was seeing the vultures, the scavengers and the bargain hunters all queueing outside and later inside once the store opened. The queue must have been 40 people long when I walked passed. People with hoards of selection boxes, discount cds other tacky clothes and cheap electrical goods – and all for what?

I know it’s Christmas soon, but I just cannot stand what the human race has become, obsessed by material goods and spending money, and all for what I ask myself?

Call me cynical and baa humbug, but honestly I am not like that. Yeah I like nice clothes, my ipod touch, and my macbook but I just cannot be bothered fighting, queing and squabbling tooth and nail to get my hands on any of it, no matter how much of a bargain it is!

I really think it’s sad, even despite this current recession, doom and gloom that we still think we can buy our way out of it and make our lives that much better. Sorry I just don’t buy it.

One thing is for sure, I wont be fighting over Brussel sprouts in Tesco! Unlike other sad bastards!

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Went to Howards Butchers in Anagh Coar today and was really pleasantly surprised at the fantastic selection of quality manx produce, sausages and home made pies plus a more exotic range which included the likes of ostrich and buffalo.

Apparently he has been there for over six years, well what can I say ,its been a bit of an unknown little gem.

I ended up going for a shoulder of local Manx Mutton in the end which I cooked for over 3 hours and then made into a curry. The flavour was deep and blew me away and it just melted in my mouth mmmmmmm.

Got some sirloin steak for tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Great small butchers with feindly service.

My Christmas order will be going in soon.

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Half-brightness on iPhone 3G vs. BB Bold 

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I popped in to the Manx Telecom mobile shop along Strand Street on the Saturday before last just to have a look at the latest Blackberry Bold and what a nice piece of kit it is too.

I have been looking for a phone with wifi capability for a little while now plus I really liked my current Blackberry.

It’s also a toss up between a new Blackberry and Apples iphone, so I would regard myself as a reasonably warm to hot customer in terms of selling too.

So here is the scenario.

I walked in to the Manx Telecom shop on Strand Street.

The sales lady came over and asked if I needed any help, to which I answered ” I am an exisitng cusotmer who is interested in the new Blackberry Bold and what were the terms on my contract?”

She went away and checked for me.

I was told that my current contract has several months to expire and if I wanted to have one I would need to pay the full price. I was fine with that and didn’t have an issue with it at all.

I then asked if I could purchase a iPhone at the Manx Telecom shop to which the reply was “we are working on it.” So I replied, “that’s a no then?” At this point the sales person got very uptight and went on the defensive saying that I was wrong to say that! So I asked the question again, “could I purchase an IPhone at the store?” She again repeated the same answer  “we are working on it.” At which point I replied “so that means I can’t buy one now then?”

The person then got all hot and bothered and admitted correctly that I couldn’t buy one but they were working on it in a rather abrubt and aggresive tone. By this time I was rather taken a back by both the level of service and the behaviour of the person in question – I left the store.

Now to me if this situation was to be replayed and I was the sales person I might have done things a little different.

Firstly, I wouldnt have assumed that the because the customer owned a Blackberry already that the IPhone was for them! It might have been a gift?

Next, I would have replied honestly and truthfully and not tried to be clever and simply replied “No they are not on sale at the moment, but we are hoping to get some soon.”

And finally, I would have asked if the customer would like to give me there email address or contact details so that when the Iphones did come into the store they could contact the customer and let them know.

How easy is that, and how pleased would I be with that level of service – pretty chuffed if you ask me!

Sorry Manx Telecom, but you still have a lot to learn… and thats just the basics!

I went for a look in the Sure shop after that.

Since then the Iphone is on sale at Manx Telecom.

Sorry but they won’t be getting my custom after that experience!

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