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I have been running too and from work lately, partly to keep fit, lose weight and save a bit of cash. Yes that’s me!.
I have been really enjoying it, but something really gets to me.

My route takes me up and down Richmond Hill and I am sure every local would agree that the road is not ideal. What really gets me is on the way home about 5.20pm – 5.30pm the amount of drivers that are absolutely flooring it up there on the “dual carriageway” / overtaking lane like complete arseholes to only get one or two cars ahead of the queue. Bearing in mind that it is probably the only place you can overtake on your route south (well at that time of day anyway) I reckon that would lesson your journey time by about 15 seconds! Wow that was really worth it wasn’t it!

The thing is the number of people who do this is pretty staggering, well I think so anyway. I have been doing a rough count to distract me from the fatigue and I reckon it is roughly three cars for every ten. And just to please all you motorbike riders, you are pure angels, believe me!

Sort it out people. I am quite happy for you idiots to kill yourselves, just don’t get me or any other driver at the same time!

And I think I have been quite restrained writing this so consider yourselves lucky. You know who you are!

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