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I just had to post this as it just made me laugh so much when I got home from work!

The letter below arrived in the post this evening from my previous employer Abbey, part of the Santander Group.

Abbey Employee Letter

1. The letter is written to me to confirm my resignation – I know I don’t work for you guys anymore and haven’t since the end of November 2008!

2. It confirms my last day will be the 28 November 2008 – I know I went out with all my colleagues that night for drinks! Its over 8 months ago!

3. The letter is even dated the 13 August 2009! So a big thank you to Anne Saunders HR Services Manager for taking such good care of me!

I am gonna write them an equally if not slightly more efficient letter back but in the meantime I just hope they are more efficient at looking after their customers and all their money as I hope they couldn’t possibly get any worse with there staff – and you wonder why I decided to leave!

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Mark's Twitter Friends
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I have to put the lack of blog posts down to several reasons really summed up here.

1. It’s the summer – well kind of and I have better things to do outside like BBQ!

2. I have been incredibly busy – well I was until the beginning of July anyway.

3.  I am a bit addicted to Twitter.

4. I just haven’t felt the need.

5. Writing posts can be hard work and I just got lazy!

Well now that summer has ended and the nights are drawing in the post frequency might now increase!

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