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Peel Castle, Isle of Man

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I haven’t posted for absolutely ages. I am can’t put it down to one thing but think it’s more a combination of the following:

1. Living on the Isle of Man is brilliant in the summer, the last think I want to do is sit inside in front of my mac writing blog posts
2. I sit in front of a screen for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our IT policy is really bad and I can’t access any social media/ blogging sites, so the odd post at work is out of the question
3. I have become a little bit bored of what’s going on the web, is it me or areĀ  no really exciting things going on? I don’t so Foursquare or all this location bollocks so I guess I’m looking for the next big thing! That reminds me, I must check our TED
4. My two kids keep me busy!
5. I have had quite a lot of other work on outside of my day job, its slowed down just for the moment!

Any way I hope to be back on a bit more soon so I will keep my ear to Manx grapevine!

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