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I have to put the lack of blog posts down to several reasons really summed up here.

1. It’s the summer – well kind of and I have better things to do outside like BBQ!

2. I have been incredibly busy – well I was until the beginning of July anyway.

3.  I am a bit addicted to Twitter.

4. I just haven’t felt the need.

5. Writing posts can be hard work and I just got lazy!

Well now that summer has ended and the nights are drawing in the post frequency might now increase!

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Had a very strange kinda day today really and it made me think about a few things.

Firstly, maybe I should be a bit more careful about who and what I blog about?? Thing is I find this a little bit of u turn about blogging. I kinda think that my blog is my sounding off area, a place where I can get out all the things that are building up inside, from frustrations and emotions to basically anything. I maybe have to reconsider what my blog is for, is it for me or my visitors mmm not sure, I would guess for me.

What is a blog?

Secondly todays events made me realise how completely clueless sections of the Isle of Man population are as to the conversations, tweets and blog posts that are going on around them. It may help there cause if this section embraced and understood the power and influence of these conversations after all they could just be talking about you!

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I haven’t written a single post in week due to the fact I have had some form of the lergy! Hot sweats, cold shivers and feeling generally washed out has meant that the blog has had to take a back seat.

Hopefully I will be right as rain soon and back to regular posts.

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I have just been told that the Isle of Man Steam Packet has a blog called A Word with Woodward, who is the new Chief Executive. But the funniest thing about it is you cant leave a comment ha ha ha. Probably cause there isnt enough server space to cope with them all!

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Well I have been out of the web world for too long! Getting on a bit you see. The world is changing so quickly and its about time I joined the great web community via my first blog! Its an old saying, but there always the best, “so if you cant beat them, join them.”

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