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I know I have written about this before, but its starting to really piss me off! Everywhere I look along the hedgerows, trees and roadsides there is plastic and rubbish! Does no one give a shit anymore? It really does look scruffy and something needs to be done.

Why don’t we get all the prisoners out in a chain gang instead of them sitting around in their new multi million pound prison with tv’s in the rooms and internet access and get them picking up all the shit if no one cares anymore? Better than a load of school kids or boy scouts doing at the weekend which is normally the case!

There are more and more reports coming our around the world about the problems with plastic waste and some drastic action needs to be taken by governments and industry. Its all to easy to target the consumer and get us to change our ways which I agree we need to do, but it needs big action and big change! Sadly I think greed and laziness will win again!

Shame, the Isle of Man is a beautiful place!

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I was helping a friend out at the BBC Good Food Show a the Birmingham NEC. We were part of the Isle of Man Pure Produce stand which was situated on area T130. Thing was it was the best stand in the show and I am not being biased! Reason being was two things. (more…)

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I went to Tesco this evening to grab a few bits and pieces that I needed. It wasn’t a weekly big shop, just one of those top up shops you need for fresh stuff like milk and vegetables.I don’t like supermarkets at the best of times but hey our choice is limited these days especially on the Isle of Man due to the sheer power and influence they have over farmers and suppliers. I do where possible try and buy from local butchers and suppliers, but without making excuses it isnt always possible!After rushing around the store I filled my trolley (you always do) and headed for the checkout where the very pleasant check out girl asked if I had a club card, scanned my items and totalled up the bill. As this was an uncalled for shop I wasnt organised and so had to use the plastic bags that are always supplied at the end of the checkout.What really wound me up was the fact that when some bananas I purchased (wrapped in plastic I might add) didn’t have a barcode on them, the supervisor headed off to find the price and during this time the checkout girl said, and I quote, ‘ you do realise you can get double your points if you brought in your own plastic bags and didnt use the ones provided.I said, ‘yes I realise that’ fuming inside! Not at the checkout out girl, just at the people who run Tesco!I am sorry Tesco, but do not fuckin patronise me and make out that its me that ruining the planet and not you! Your the twats that wrap everything up in packaging totally unnecessarily and then fly it all over the fucking planet before it lands back in the store two miles from where it originated! How Tesco have the cheek to tell me its double points for recycled plastic bags is beyond words! Dont tell me to try and change my habits when you should be changing yours.So pull your finger out and do something with meaning and not some shitty double points promotion to try and makes us as consumers feel guilty about the environment!And dont give that bullshit about ‘every little helps!’ Do something major!

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I am currently on holiday in Lanzarote¬†at the moment, hence the reason I have not been posting recently. After being here for a week now I have learnt so much about the island which, before I came, I percieved to be nothing really special,sun sea etc..¬†I was wrong. (more…)

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