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I was sad to recently hear that the Manx Electric Railway will be closed between Laxey to Ramsey after a report to the Minister for Tourism and Leisure highlighted some disrepair to the line and the track. To which the minister took the decision to stop the service based on safety grounds. I later read in a local paper a letter from the ex manager of the steam railway who pointed out a number of recommendations that would allow the service to continue such as a reduced speed limit. In his view the condition of the track has never been so good! Why is the decision then taken by the Minister for Tourism and not someone more qualified to make the decision? And why does the minister seem hell bent on closing things down and ruining any form of tourism on the island?

Good website by the way Mr minister! visitisleofman.com. The first impression you get of the Isle of Man is fantastic….not!

All this raises the question as to how qualified an ex banker is to make decisions on the future of our tourism or lack of it for that matter!

But don’t worry everyone because the Radisson his here to bail us all out and as the minister said and I quote ‘ for them to be based in the Isle of Man will be a real feather in our cap and something we can be rightly proud of.’

Don’t get me wrong I am all for developing the quayside of Douglas (they should have gone further and banned the car, but hey that was an earlier post I wrote!). It will be nice to open the curtains and stare across at the building suppliers opposite and the lovely bus station on the other side.

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I was reading a recent newspaper article about the Isle of Man Steam and Electric Railways, and was pleasantly suprised to hear that the passenger figures were up by 7.1 percent on last year for the steam railway and 9.9 percent up for the electric railway. I must say that I think this increase in attributed to a number of reasons, firstly the hard work that the Department of Tourism and Leisure (DTL) and I would assume Manx National Heritage has put in on bringing the ‘nostalga’ back to the railways with some good events and promotion, secondly the fact that the island had a significant number of extra visitors during the TT 2007 centenery, and thirdly due to the events such as the Thomas The Tank Engine and Santa train days that are held down at the Douglas train station. Both of these events are very well supported by the local families and is certainly a big highlight for many local children.

Despite the great efforts by the DTL I would however like to point out that Mr Earnshaws TT commuter service shouldn’t take any of the credit for this in my mind, it could have been an amazing service, and really should have been funded by the government but once again it fell drastically short of being a good idea for many reasons. All of the credit and success of the manx railways is down to the hard work and dedication of all those who work hard to maintain the wonderful feature of the Isle of Man in the Manx Steam and Electric Railways.

Well done everyone you should all be proud of yourselves.

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The Arboretum at St Johns is always very popular with families and kids at the weekend. Last Sunday was a cracking fresh winters morning so the family headed out with our loaves of bread to feed the ducks and chickens. It was a great morning and we all had such fun, some more than others!

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Just wanted to praise Andrew Reid for his great website www.virtualiom.com. The site is very impressive and really demonstrates the natural beauty of the Isle of Man and its great scenery that it has to offer. The site is made up of a generation of panoramas around the Isle of Man and has grown in to a continually expanding resource of high-quality full-screen images.

It not just panoramic views of the island you can see, you can take a tour of the famous TT course, visit many of the beautiful manx glens and other sites of national importance like the great Laxey Wheel as local towns and villages around the Isle of Man.

I cant imagine the time it must have taken Andrew to put it all together, but hats to him and the result is well worth seeing. If I were him I would work with the Isle of Man Tourist board and help develop some of this on the visit iom website! Or is that to forward thinking for local government?

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Was gonna go to Liverpool this weekend on a day trip with my wife. I was quoted 124 pounds on the Isle of Man Steam Packet website for a return day trip despite special offers for 24 pound return advertised (with the usual conditions apply bollocks).

How they can justify 124 pounds for two people on a day trip is beyond me! Wouldn’t mind if it was slightly comfortable and had a bit of luxury but the boats stink, the foods crap, and like the fares they rip you off!

The people of the Isle of Man deserve better!

Sink the Steam Packet – bring on the competition!

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