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Getting his knee down at the Creg

Getting his knee down at the Creg

Just got back after watching the Senior TT race from Cronk y Voddy. Such a close race until the last lap when Cameron Donald on the Relentless Suzuki had a problem and it opened the race up for John McGuinness to equal Mike Hailwoods 14 TT wins. Well done John.

Such a fantastic week of high speed racing on the Isle of Man, loved every minute of it and the weather and atmosphere has been fantastic.

Oh well back to work and the quiet life now, bring on May/June 2009! Sad its over for another year!


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Anyone see the Saturday Kitchen recently with the Hairy Bikers as guests of James Martin? Si and Dave (The Hairy Bikers) were an absolute pair of stars. Firstly they didn’t stop plugging the great seafood from Tim and Paddy Croft down at Island Seafare, Port St Mary and secondly they couldn’t stop talking about the fantastic Manx produce that the Isle of Man has to offer including great organic vegatables, local lamb, beef and pork it was great to see the pair of them so enthusiatic about the Isle of Man produce and also the Manx TT.

I think Dave even droppped it in on the show saying ” I hope the Isle of Man Tourist Board are watching?’.

I dont know if watching would be good enough – taking action would be better!

Any way it was just great to see the Hairy Biker lads bigging up the great produce of the Isle of Man and all it has to offer! Well done boys! It was great.

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Just wanted to praise Andrew Reid for his great website www.virtualiom.com. The site is very impressive and really demonstrates the natural beauty of the Isle of Man and its great scenery that it has to offer. The site is made up of a generation of panoramas around the Isle of Man and has grown in to a continually expanding resource of high-quality full-screen images.

It not just panoramic views of the island you can see, you can take a tour of the famous TT course, visit many of the beautiful manx glens and other sites of national importance like the great Laxey Wheel as local towns and villages around the Isle of Man.

I cant imagine the time it must have taken Andrew to put it all together, but hats to him and the result is well worth seeing. If I were him I would work with the Isle of Man Tourist board and help develop some of this on the visit iom website! Or is that to forward thinking for local government?

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I have just been told that the Isle of Man Steam Packet has a blog called A Word with Woodward, who is the new Chief Executive. But the funniest thing about it is you cant leave a comment ha ha ha. Probably cause there isnt enough server space to cope with them all!

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