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I have been running too and from work lately, partly to keep fit, lose weight and save a bit of cash. Yes that’s me!.
I have been really enjoying it, but something really gets to me.

My route takes me up and down Richmond Hill and I am sure every local would agree that the road is not ideal. What really gets me is on the way home about 5.20pm – 5.30pm the amount of drivers that are absolutely flooring it up there on the “dual carriageway” / overtaking lane like complete arseholes to only get one or two cars ahead of the queue. Bearing in mind that it is probably the only place you can overtake on your route south (well at that time of day anyway) I reckon that would lesson your journey time by about 15 seconds! Wow that was really worth it wasn’t it!

The thing is the number of people who do this is pretty staggering, well I think so anyway. I have been doing a rough count to distract me from the fatigue and I reckon it is roughly three cars for every ten. And just to please all you motorbike riders, you are pure angels, believe me!

Sort it out people. I am quite happy for you idiots to kill yourselves, just don’t get me or any other driver at the same time!

And I think I have been quite restrained writing this so consider yourselves lucky. You know who you are!

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Half-brightness on iPhone 3G vs. BB Bold 

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I popped in to the Manx Telecom mobile shop along Strand Street on the Saturday before last just to have a look at the latest Blackberry Bold and what a nice piece of kit it is too.

I have been looking for a phone with wifi capability for a little while now plus I really liked my current Blackberry.

It’s also a toss up between a new Blackberry and Apples iphone, so I would regard myself as a reasonably warm to hot customer in terms of selling too.

So here is the scenario.

I walked in to the Manx Telecom shop on Strand Street.

The sales lady came over and asked if I needed any help, to which I answered ” I am an exisitng cusotmer who is interested in the new Blackberry Bold and what were the terms on my contract?”

She went away and checked for me.

I was told that my current contract has several months to expire and if I wanted to have one I would need to pay the full price. I was fine with that and didn’t have an issue with it at all.

I then asked if I could purchase a iPhone at the Manx Telecom shop to which the reply was “we are working on it.” So I replied, “that’s a no then?” At this point the sales person got very uptight and went on the defensive saying that I was wrong to say that! So I asked the question again, “could I purchase an IPhone at the store?” She again repeated the same answer  “we are working on it.” At which point I replied “so that means I can’t buy one now then?”

The person then got all hot and bothered and admitted correctly that I couldn’t buy one but they were working on it in a rather abrubt and aggresive tone. By this time I was rather taken a back by both the level of service and the behaviour of the person in question – I left the store.

Now to me if this situation was to be replayed and I was the sales person I might have done things a little different.

Firstly, I wouldnt have assumed that the because the customer owned a Blackberry already that the IPhone was for them! It might have been a gift?

Next, I would have replied honestly and truthfully and not tried to be clever and simply replied “No they are not on sale at the moment, but we are hoping to get some soon.”

And finally, I would have asked if the customer would like to give me there email address or contact details so that when the Iphones did come into the store they could contact the customer and let them know.

How easy is that, and how pleased would I be with that level of service – pretty chuffed if you ask me!

Sorry Manx Telecom, but you still have a lot to learn… and thats just the basics!

I went for a look in the Sure shop after that.

Since then the Iphone is on sale at Manx Telecom.

Sorry but they won’t be getting my custom after that experience!

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I have had such a hectic week at work so far I can’t believe its Friday tomorrow!

And I thought the saying went ‘Time flies when your having fun’. Heaven only knows, it would  probably be Monday again if I was having fun! Aaarrrggghhh Monday again! Shit that cant be right thats even worse!


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I am not one for knocking the Isle of Man, its such a great place to live and incredibly beautiful too. Just lately its really grinding on me the amount of litter that I see on the side of roads and generally blowing around in the wind on pavements in the town.

Come on guys, be greatful of where you live and stop droppping the litter!

The Isle of Man is such a great place lets not spoil it!

Moan over.

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Was gonna go to Liverpool this weekend on a day trip with my wife. I was quoted 124 pounds on the Isle of Man Steam Packet website for a return day trip despite special offers for 24 pound return advertised (with the usual conditions apply bollocks).

How they can justify 124 pounds for two people on a day trip is beyond me! Wouldn’t mind if it was slightly comfortable and had a bit of luxury but the boats stink, the foods crap, and like the fares they rip you off!

The people of the Isle of Man deserve better!

Sink the Steam Packet – bring on the competition!

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I went to Tesco this evening to grab a few bits and pieces that I needed. It wasn’t a weekly big shop, just one of those top up shops you need for fresh stuff like milk and vegetables.I don’t like supermarkets at the best of times but hey our choice is limited these days especially on the Isle of Man due to the sheer power and influence they have over farmers and suppliers. I do where possible try and buy from local butchers and suppliers, but without making excuses it isnt always possible!After rushing around the store I filled my trolley (you always do) and headed for the checkout where the very pleasant check out girl asked if I had a club card, scanned my items and totalled up the bill. As this was an uncalled for shop I wasnt organised and so had to use the plastic bags that are always supplied at the end of the checkout.What really wound me up was the fact that when some bananas I purchased (wrapped in plastic I might add) didn’t have a barcode on them, the supervisor headed off to find the price and during this time the checkout girl said, and I quote, ‘ you do realise you can get double your points if you brought in your own plastic bags and didnt use the ones provided.I said, ‘yes I realise that’ fuming inside! Not at the checkout out girl, just at the people who run Tesco!I am sorry Tesco, but do not fuckin patronise me and make out that its me that ruining the planet and not you! Your the twats that wrap everything up in packaging totally unnecessarily and then fly it all over the fucking planet before it lands back in the store two miles from where it originated! How Tesco have the cheek to tell me its double points for recycled plastic bags is beyond words! Dont tell me to try and change my habits when you should be changing yours.So pull your finger out and do something with meaning and not some shitty double points promotion to try and makes us as consumers feel guilty about the environment!And dont give that bullshit about ‘every little helps!’ Do something major!

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