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I have just been told that the Isle of Man Steam Packet has a blog called A Word with Woodward, who is the new Chief Executive. But the funniest thing about it is you cant leave a comment ha ha ha. Probably cause there isnt enough server space to cope with them all!

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Was gonna go to Liverpool this weekend on a day trip with my wife. I was quoted 124 pounds on the Isle of Man Steam Packet website for a return day trip despite special offers for 24 pound return advertised (with the usual conditions apply bollocks).

How they can justify 124 pounds for two people on a day trip is beyond me! Wouldn’t mind if it was slightly comfortable and had a bit of luxury but the boats stink, the foods crap, and like the fares they rip you off!

The people of the Isle of Man deserve better!

Sink the Steam Packet – bring on the competition!

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