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Went to Howards Butchers in Anagh Coar today and was really pleasantly surprised at the fantastic selection of quality manx produce, sausages and home made pies plus a more exotic range which included the likes of ostrich and buffalo.

Apparently he has been there for over six years, well what can I say ,its been a bit of an unknown little gem.

I ended up going for a shoulder of local Manx Mutton in the end which I cooked for over 3 hours and then made into a curry. The flavour was deep and blew me away and it just melted in my mouth mmmmmmm.

Got some sirloin steak for tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Great small butchers with feindly service.

My Christmas order will be going in soon.

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I went along to meet up with all the Third Thursday guys today. I really enjoyed meeting new people and discussing a number of cool topics.

Owen has a fairly good summary of this all and of course the Strive guys (who were on the other side of the table.)

Looking forward to next one.

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Our computers

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Been feeling tired of staring at a computer screen for approx 10 hours a day! Can’t be good for me. Reckon I need a holiday! Might just have to have a few beers over the weekend, just feel completely lacking  in motivation and energy.

On the positive side I have joined the gym in an attempt to lose the 2 stone I have put on over the past year and a half! Who ate all the pies! And its been going really well and I am enjoying it.

Also looking forward to going off and meeting up with the Third Thursday guys tomorrow for a glass of wine, bite to eat and a chat about anything cool happening on the web basically!

mmmm a beer, sounds good!


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WordPress shock!


Logged into wordpress and the dashboard has all changed around…. its not the wordpress I know and love!

I am sure it is really, it will just take a bit of time to get use to it. I like change, I like change , I like change.

Yes I like change… I think

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I have to be honest and say that most of my posts recently have been pretty negative about the Isle of Man. Its true to say though that we do get ripped off and we do get crap service as a rule, but there is a but and its a big but!

The Isle of Man really is the gem in the Irish Sea and at the moment its TT and is absolutely buzzing! There are thousands here lapping up the atmosphere. I went to the practices on Tuesday evening and this evening and boy were thay fast! There is no where in the world you can be so close to such high speed racing its just awesome and its great to see all the fans enjoying the beautiful island and great action on the famous TT mountain circuit. I am really looking forward to the week of racing beginning on Saturday – cant wait to get my spot on the hedge, a few beers and the bbq going later with some great manx produce like Loghtan lamb sausages or a nice bit of rump steak!

Not forgetting some amazing high speed action from TT 2007.

If you haven’t witnessed it yet your missing out!

Here’s to a great, safe TT 2007!

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The sun is shining, the weather is great on the Isle of Man, what better place to go, chill out and relax, have a drink and a meal down at Douglas Quayside right – wrong! Whoever planned and spent the Isle of Man tax payers money for this half cocked job should be fired! (more…)

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I am currently on holiday in Lanzarote at the moment, hence the reason I have not been posting recently. After being here for a week now I have learnt so much about the island which, before I came, I percieved to be nothing really special,sun sea etc.. I was wrong. (more…)

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