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Recent Manx Radio Interview of Tony Brown Chief Minister of the Isle of Man.

This is the taken from the Opinion Programme 25th October 2009.

A politician who doesn’t have an answer!

Cheers to dtiom.

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Money at hand

Image by d70focus via Flickr

There is a new look Money media in circulation and I have to say I am quite impressed with the new look. Its a more modern layout using softer fonts with much clearer and well defined articles that are much more pleasing on the eye to read.


I also noticed an advert for the new online money media ‘the islands first dedicated business website’ so I checked it out only to find that the site wasn’t live yet and was under construction. I have since noticed that more recent adverts indicate that the site is not launching until early March.

There are also quite a few online news suppliers in the Isle of Man media arena already, maybe not specialising just on business, but certainly covering Isle of Man business news in a fairly substantial way!

The main news providers on the island are:



Manx radio

BBC news – Isle of Man


Isle news

Energy fm

The Manx Herald

It will be interesting to see how the new site turns out and also to see if there is any legs still left in the printed version?

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Why you smiling Tony Brown?

Why you smiling Tony Brown?

I was driving back from a meeting this morning and was stopped at the traffic lights. I noticed  by the side of the road a poster campaign that has sprouted up around the Isle of Man.

You see Tony,  I would guess that in the current economic climate you have to be 100% transparent and it won’t do your popularity on the Isle of Man any good if your not seen to be practicing what you preach in terms of government spending!

Maybe you don’t care, after all when your term is up you can sit back with a nice little pension and enjoy the finer things the Isle of Man.

You have to laugh!

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Image by paparutzi via Flickr

After last nights public meeting about the collapse of the Isle of Man based Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Bank the news coming out of the local newspapers is more positive today as reported by iomonline.

My thoughts are with everyone who has lost money and I only hope that the Isle of Man, UK and Icelandic Governments can come to some sort or financial arrangement to assist in compensating all those who have lost their money!

Tough times ahead.

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