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On Friday I noticed a new CCTV camera by Marks and Spencer facing over to Wilkins and KFC. Walking back to work today I spotted another one by the New/Old, Refurbished Courthouse (or what ever it’s called). They look like they are very much temporary structures on poles with a power box at the bottom. I reckon a few drunks or someone fairly nimble could easily move one or even climb up one – if they felt the need.

It got me thinking, who it is or what is they want to monitor? the customers/patrons of KFC v The customers and clientele of Wilkins and the New/Old, Refurbished Courthouse? The Isle of Man is awash with criminals and antisocial behaviour…..?

Who put them there? Douglas Corporation or the police? Or is this the work of Banksy as part of one of his latest stunts?

One thing is for sure. Big Brother is watching. On your way to work, nipping out for morning coffee, visiting the colonel and evening drinks with the boss. They even know what jewelery your buying!

Who is watching you and where?

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