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Went to Howards Butchers in Anagh Coar today and was really pleasantly surprised at the fantastic selection of quality manx produce, sausages and home made pies plus a more exotic range which included the likes of ostrich and buffalo.

Apparently he has been there for over six years, well what can I say ,its been a bit of an unknown little gem.

I ended up going for a shoulder of local Manx Mutton in the end which I cooked for over 3 hours and then made into a curry. The flavour was deep and blew me away and it just melted in my mouth mmmmmmm.

Got some sirloin steak for tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Great small butchers with feindly service.

My Christmas order will be going in soon.

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I was reading a recent article by Bruce Horovitz of USA TODAY about the brands that Barack Obama and his family are associated with by using, wearing or consuming. If Barack happens to wear a type of trainer or eat a certain make of food this can mean amazing increases in awareness and sales of the associated brands. It also got me thinking what MIGHT BE the case for the Manx equivalent here on the island for potential Isle of Man branding opportunities. So here goes with a bit of light hearted fun with the first attempt.



President of the USA v The Chief Minister of the Isle of Man

1. Clothing/Suits

Barack Obama

Apparently he is a big fan of Hart Schaffner Marx suits — the Gold Trumpeter line, which is 97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere. The suits are made USA, sell for about $1,300 custom-made (his are) or less than $1,000 off-the-rack. Obama is said to have three gray and three navy blue. “He’s certainly generated a lot of interest,” says Hartmarx CEO Homi Patel.

Our Tony

I reckon he is a big fan of the Manx Tarten (well he should be!). Before Tynwald day and special government functions I expect you might find Tony in the Celtic Gold shop in Peel getting fitted out if he hasn’t got one hanging up in his wardrobe already! Before Tony was Chief Minister he would probably have been seen sporting a Browns Electrics polo shirt whilst either serving happy customers in his shop or rewiring a local Manx house or Castletown office. Definatley more exciting than the boring old suit worn by the US president – well in our Tony!

2. Snacks.


He likes to eat and snack healthy. He likes Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds and Raisins. Planters has White House links dating to former president (and peanut farmer) Carter, as a sponsor of the Plains, Ga., Peanut Festival, says Laurie Guzzinati, a Kraft Foods spokeswoman.

Our Tony

It has to be that Manx traditional dish of chips, cheese and gravy from either the Terrace Chippy or the Islander. It could even be a tasty Kipper Bap with Manx Kippers from Devereau’s with the fresh white bap from Ramsey Bakery. It sure beats nuts, grains and rabbit food and is much more in tune with the culture and heritage of the Isle of Man!

3. Sweets


The Obamas are said to eat Fran’s Chocolates, an artisan chocolate brand from Seattle. Barack prefers Fran’s Smoked Sea Salt Caramel in Milk Chocolate ($24 for a 16-piece box) whilst his wife Michelle prefers dark chocolate, says Sean Seedlock, Fran’s marketing chief.

Our Tony

Being a true manx man I reckon Tony likes the clean crisp taste of Manx Knobs and probably pops in to The Port Erin Gaslight & Aerated Waters Company shop in Castletown square to purchase a tin or two to suck on whilst in sitting in the House of Key’s. Other snacks he might like could include a whippy 99 from Davisons ice cream parlour in Peel, probably on a Sunday aftnoon when he has nothing exciting to do!

4. Drinks.


He is said to be a fan of Black Forest Berry Honest Tea. “It raises the profile of our brand and all organic products,” says Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea. “We’d love for it to be the official drink of the new administration.”

Our Tony

Having sold a few kettles in his time I would think Tony would be a real connoisseur of Manx Tea tea, so it would have to be the Fairy bridge blend or on special occasions the Glen Helen blend. When he is out socialising or winding down after a hard day leading the country I would expect him to have the odd pint of Okells bitter or even a crafty shot of ManX spirit if its been a particulary challenging week!

5. Transport & Vehicles


The Obama family owns a $34,000 Ford Escape hybrid. Ford is “delighted” the family chose the SUV, “but we won’t be out there actively promoting that,” says Ford spokesman Jay Ward. Once he is settled in to the White House he will of course be flying in Airforce One private jet to the US president.

Our Tony

I really don’t know what vehicle Tony might drive. I reckon something like a Jaguar or even a Peel car? When he has to travel off the island then I don’t think it stretches to a private jet so it could even be a cabin on the Isle of Man Steampacket’s flagship vessel the Ben My Chree.

6. Sports.


Barack Obama lovesbasketball. Adam Silver, deputy commissioner of the National Basketball Association, says he expects the baseball field on the White House south lawn will be replaced with a hoops court. “Maybe they will pass a law that makes basketball the nation’s official pastime.”

Our Tony

High speed motorcycle road racing would be pretty high up the agenda I reckon followed secondly by the Southern 100 road races around his home circuit of Billown. Football and supporting Castletown FC could also feature fairly high on the agenda?

So you see, there could be some real opportunities for local Manx brands to do well off the back of endorsements and product placement by the Isle of Man Chief Minister.

If anyone does really know what brands Tony wears or endorses or if Tony himself wants to let us know then I am sure we could come up with the real manx equivalent instead of just my take on things!

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I joined a new group on Facebook this week for longtaletv.com. After reading a bout the new group I went on to website to see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say I was well impressed with the site, pitching themselves as providing the news that matters from the Isle of Man’s first pirate TV station from the depths of Douglas. The latest roaming news report features and CCTV feature a spoof Killer Whale attack on Douglas beach! Check it out its brilliant – well done guys!

Its about time we had some proper Manx News instead of the drab boring old stuff from the local papers!

A great start for longtaletv.com

Longtaletv.com Isle of Man

I cant wait for the next installment of Isle of Man News!

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I was helping a friend out at the BBC Good Food Show a the Birmingham NEC. We were part of the Isle of Man Pure Produce stand which was situated on area T130. Thing was it was the best stand in the show and I am not being biased! Reason being was two things. (more…)

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Anyone see the Saturday Kitchen recently with the Hairy Bikers as guests of James Martin? Si and Dave (The Hairy Bikers) were an absolute pair of stars. Firstly they didn’t stop plugging the great seafood from Tim and Paddy Croft down at Island Seafare, Port St Mary and secondly they couldn’t stop talking about the fantastic Manx produce that the Isle of Man has to offer including great organic vegatables, local lamb, beef and pork it was great to see the pair of them so enthusiatic about the Isle of Man produce and also the Manx TT.

I think Dave even droppped it in on the show saying ” I hope the Isle of Man Tourist Board are watching?’.

I dont know if watching would be good enough – taking action would be better!

Any way it was just great to see the Hairy Biker lads bigging up the great produce of the Isle of Man and all it has to offer! Well done boys! It was great.

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